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Life is a journey that is laid out before you and it is one to be lived fully and with joy. For over 35 years Dr. Costas has helped clients create the life they desire.  The process is one of exploration, self discovery and following your own path. Life is not supposed to be about just fixing a problem.  The emotional pain, frustrations and other struggles that we all face have solutions.  One goal of therapy is to find these. Beyond this though, therapy is a process of Becoming.  It is finding who you are, stepping into your own power and living your truth.  It is the path to becoming your authentic self.  When you begin to live honestly from your heart you can create the life you deserve and desire.


About Dr. Costas

      I have been practicing for over 35 years with experience in out-patient, in-patient and long term care settings.  I received my B.A. in psychology from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  At the University of California I studied humanistic psychology and metaphysics.  After completing my B.A. I worked on an in-patient unit in New England specializing in drug and alcohol treatment.  

     I later moved to Colorado and attended the Psy.D. program at the school of professional psychology.  I was awarded the doctorate of psychology, Psy.D. from the University of Denver. I completed an internship at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Biloxi, Mississippi.  After moving to Boston I worked for two years at a clinic specializing in the treatment of addictive disorders.  When I returned to Denver in 1983 I built a successful out-patient practice treating adolescents and adults.  I have been on rotation at several Denver area hospitals and have worked the complete continuum of care from high acuity hospitalization to independent living.

     I later began a consulting practice in the long-term care industry providing specialty services to geriatric populations, individuals with disabilities, individuals with chronic medical conditions and those with chronic mental illness.

     I have introduced innovative and alternative therapeutic approaches in to the long-term care industry.  I received the Partner in Quality Award from the Colorado Health Care Association for this work.

     I have traveled extensively studying the healing practices of other cultures.  I have received training in Theraveda Buddhism, Balinese mysticism and energy healing.  My training in Colorado in past life regression therapy was enriched by my study of Hindu reincarnation beliefs and spiritual practices. I have been trained in hypnosis, meditation, crystal and sound therapies.  I was certified by the American Sound Healers Association in 2012.  I have conducted seminars nationally on the use of these alternative therapies and incorporate these into my practice.

     Outside of my professional life I am a musician and have played around Denver since 2010.  I am also a pastel artist.  I enjoy many sports from golfing to skiing, am an avid baseball fan, and enjoy traveling whenever I can. I live in Centennial, Colorado with my wife Jan.




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