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              Mood Disorders


Depression and anxiety are the two most common difficult emotions that we all experience at some point in our lives.  Depression can range from mild, such as feeling down to a deep depression which can be life threatening.  Similarly, anxiety may range from feeling nervous to an immobilizing panic.  Both may occur as a response to an external event or an internal one, and both respond well to therapeutic interventions.

     Symptoms of depression may include:              Symptoms of anxiety may include:

          Feeling down, irritable, hopeless                         Feeling nervous, anxious, on edge

          Tired, having little energy, not motivated          Constant worrying, repetitive thoughts

          Loss of pleasure in activities                                Feeling edgy, restless or irritable

          Changes in appetite, weight loss, weight             Irrational fears, phobias


          Thoughts of suicide or feeling you would          Panic attacks

               be better off dead

          Loss of interest in sex

Recently it has been found that excessive on line use is resulting in "internet" depression.  Though poorly understood, some of the negative effects emerging include:

          A lessening of social connections, underdeveloped social skills and an altered sense of                     intimacy

          Impaired ability to manage emotions

          On line addiction is an addiction

     Evaluate your activity.  

           How does your online behavior make you feel?

          Are you returning to your computer frequently for non-essential contacts, repeatedly                checking mail, reading or sending frequent posts

          Who are you in contact with, what content are you immersed in, who are you following            and how does this make you feel

     Consider these changes:

          Limit contact with negative, sites, people and other behavior which causes you to feel                stressed, anxious, angry or lowers your energy

          Get out of unhealthy groups and leave people who bring you down

          Be aware of what you are searching for

          Surround yourself with positive energy

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