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Life Transitions and Life Purpose

Life is dynamic.  We live in a world that is constantly in motion and ever changing.  Every moment is unique, each having its own characteristics and qualities.  The more we are able to perceive the world around us the more we are able to join in this energetic flow.  As each moment changes so do we.  We transition from one moment to the next.  The changes can be small and easy to manage or they can be much larger and challenge us.

There are unexpected as well as planned for events which may be of either a positive or negative nature.  There are also those which can be both exciting and stressful such as a new baby or even a job promotion.  Understanding our abilities and strengths as well as our weak areas can direct us toward making better choices.  Learning how to manage our emotions gives us more freedom in the choices we make and the directions we want to take.  Awareness of where we are lets us know how to reach where we wish to be.  Life transitions are about successfully navigating the waters and in the process create the life we choose.

Life purpose is having a deeply felt affirmation of who we are and what we bring to this planet during our lifetime.  It is being able to see beyond the moment and understand that what each of us embodies today is what lives on into the future.  We are all a part of a grander scheme.  Knowing this reveals answers to questions like "What does this all mean", or "What is the meaning of life for me" or "Am I on the right path?"  Your life's purpose is not about the job you have or the position you attain in your work, or in society.  It is about what your actions are providing to this world.  For example, an elementary school teacher's purpose is not necessarily to teach children their abc's but rather nurturing in them a belief in themselves, self respect, the courage to face challenges and ability to lead.  Or it may be that the teacher is more of a healer who's purpose is to make healthy those children who are carrying emotional scars or have suffered trauma.  Understanding the depth of your actions and pursuing this brings a sense of true satisfaction, reveals life's meaning to us and illuminates our purpose.  Being able to explore this with a therapist can provide you with this understanding.

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