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Spirituality is the sense, feeling or belief that there is something greater than ourselves, that we are a part of this, and, there is something cosmic or divine about this greater whole.  Spirituality involves having an awareness of, or at least a questioning, that we are more than a five sensory being and that our lives have meaning beyond a basic human existence.  It involves the journey of seeking higher truths and in seeking these truths we come to learn of our "higher self", our divine self, our spirit. As we connect with our spirit we connect with all that there is - the universe, the divine.

Following a spiritual path is the journey of becoming our higher self.  We seek to know compassion, unconditional love, enlightenment, forgiveness, benevolence and kindness and to live them consistently and with intention.  We strive to embody higher truths.  In the process we become transformed and a healing begins.  We become less constrained by the problems, struggles and limitations of the ego and begin to live with greater peace, clarity and self awareness.  Our hearts open and we live at a higher vibration.  The lower vibration, ego driven life is abandoned and a new reality is created.

Spiritual practice can take the form of individual meditation or prayer.  It may occur through formalized religious practices and proceed at a steady rate.  It can also occur more rapidly with a transcendent experience and a feeling of becoming one with a greater power.  For some the spiritual journey may include mystical experiences.  Life changing and often life threatening events such as a near death experience or chronic illness can often result in a deepened state of spirituality.  Through any or all of these events we develop more insight - more inward sight.  We experience moments of  "enlightenment" - being in the light.   And we come to know our true nature, our divine self, our spirit.  When understood in this context, psychotherapy is less about solving an individual problem and more about seeking universal truths.  Whether it is the spirits of nature and all living beings, such as in the native american culture or listening to your angels in the Christian belief system, or hearing your spirit guides people of every culture seek universal truths and connections with a divine.



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