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Areas of Expertise


Mood Disorders

Depression, anxiety and panic are among the most common emotional struggles that we face. Depression can manifest in different ways such as deep sadness, tearfulness, hopelessness, or feeling that life is not worth living.  You may also be angry or feel empty. Your sleep and eating may be affected as well as sexual desire.  Other physical problems may occur more often.  

Anxiety can range from feeling a little nervous or fearful to a more severe panic reaction.

Mood swings are not uncommon.  Though painful, all of these respond well to different therapies. Therapy can help you find more effective coping strategies, learn how to manage emotions better, lessen feelings of negativity and assist you in changing patterns that have led to unhappiness.

Life Purpose and Life Transitions

Feeling lost? Wondering if your life is moving in the right direction or  questioning whether you are on the right track?  Searching for something but not knowing exactly what?  Finding clarity through therapy allows you to return to your path.  We will explore what is truly meaningful for you so that you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you, and find the path that is honestly and deeply fulfilling.

Relationship and Marital Issues

Every type of relationship that we engage in, whether its family, friends, lovers, husband and wife, work or any other has its own rules, characteristics, communication patterns and guidelines for how we act and interact.  These can be upset, or change or just not be working anymore. Understanding how you participate in a your relationships will clarify what healthy and adaptive ways you interact as well as the problematic behaviors or patterns that are present.  Finding better problems solving techniques and communication skills and learning more effective interpersonal skills helps heal strained and troubled relationships.

Mood and Cognitive Disorders of the Elderly

The aging process is one that comes with its own set of unique challenges both for the individual as well as friends or family.  These include physical decline and chronic medical conditions, loss of family or social support systems, changes in mood and most difficult are changes in memory and cognition.  Understanding and dealing with dementia is a challenge for all.  Learning ways to cope, manage and adjust helps to overcome struggles and find happiness.

Grief, Death and Dying

A sense of loss can accompany something as small as finishing a good book or as profound as losing a loved one.  Navigating through grief is a process that teaches us how to truly appreciate what we have as well as what we have lost.  Embracing your passing and relinquish your fears will bring more to meaning in life.


We are all a part of something greater.  At a soul level we know this to be true.  On this human level we may have our doubts and questions, fears of not " knowing" or not "finding" the path our spirit wants to take.  Exploring these areas of our life can bring us to a deeper peace and greater sense of connection.

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